Hi there, do you know the answer to the following?

Where would I go if I wanted to take part in the next elections? Where am I registered? – Still at my parents? – My home country? – The flat we moved out of last year?

Voting matters.

Of course, no politician is perfect, but to not take part in democracy, because nobody seems to represent you perfectly is a poor excuse for not using a powerful tool to shape the society you live in. Generations before us fought for their right to vote – The fact that 420 million Europeans can vote together on 23-26 May to elect their pan-national parliament should make us proud. The European parliament is a powerful institution that has been integral to designing laws that benefit us such as the abolition of roaming charges or reducing the plastic going into our oceans. Taking part in the European elections also allows you to elect politicians who would have voted differently in the heated Article 13 debate.

Only not voting leaves you powerless and without representation in the place where laws are actually passed. The European Parliament works across borders, which means that all EU citizens can vote in the elections no matter the Member State in which they live.

Most importantly, it only takes a little bit of effort to be prepared and make sure you are able to vote in these elections: You just have to be registered. This surprisingly clear and easy website will tell you everything you need to know:

Tell your friends – maybe all go and vote together. Or if you want to be sure not to miss the elections, have a voting party on the day. Or get friends together three or four weeks before, when you can apply for postal vote ballots.

However you want to enjoy it, let’s make 26 May a celebration of our rights as European citizens.

Here is a list of handy resources to answer all of your questions on these elections:

A comprehensive website with information on how, where and when to vote. Just select your language in the menu.

Helpful infographic from the EU Parliament with national rules. 

More Resources:

Compare your views with the actual decisions made by the politicians who are asking for your vote at the 2019 elections!

Your Vote Matters

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EU for you

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